Animated Perspectives

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Animated Perspectives

This bit of animated small blocks is great for more a attractive user experience. I picture this being added to header and hero sections as part of main concept introductions. This is done entirely in CSS.

  • Sweet Stuff

    Jelly beans gummies cookie donut cupcake. Tootsie roll I love gummi bears carrot cake. Lollipop chocolate soufflé sugar plum powder.

  • Bear Claw’s?

    Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet. Biscuit I love carrot cake. Chocolate bar donut cookie caramels lemon drops bear claw cheesecake.

  • Bake It Up!

    Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet. Sesame snaps pie jelly-o sweet carrot cake cake halvah. Cupcake jelly sesame snaps chupa chups. Gummies powder toffee.

In this example I’ve used perspective to warp the entire UL giving it that “coming in from a distance” look. Each LI is transformed on it’s X and Y axis so that on hover it’s perspective can change. The Z-Index is also changed on hover to bring that element forward as well as Blend-Mode to go from multiply, which gives it the glassy see through look, to normal to make it solid as it the element comes forward.